(Q) Do I need to book?
(A) No. You can just arrive on the day. Spaces are awarded on a first come first served basis. We do however ask car boot traders to book once as we can contact you with news on cancellations etc.

(Q) What happens if it rains?
(A) We post details of cancellations on our news page. In the event of rain during the event, most sellers will carry some cover to protect their items (passing shower). If rain is persistent, the event will be cancelled.

(Q) Do you provide tables/rails?
(A) No

(Q) What time should I arrive?
(A) You should try and get to the gates before 6am at Tallaght Stadium/Ballymun. . Not only will you be more likely to get a space but you will find that some customers like to arrive early to pick up a bargain. Arriving later is okay.

(Q) Do you provide a skip for unwanted waste?
(A) No. Please take any self generated waste home with you.

(Q) Do you have toilet facilities?
(A) Yes. We have portable toilets at the Tallaght Stadium and the use of the toilets at Ballymun Comprehensive School